Automated External Defibrillators for Police

The City of Senoia covers 5 square miles and has approximately 5,000 residents. Senoia is also the site of several film productions and has become one of Georgia's premier tourist locations. The Senoia PD has 15 Officers on four shifts. The department's annual budget is limited and according to Police Chief Jason Edens, priority is given to firearms and body armor. The department wants AEDs, but simply cannot afford them.

The Rotary Club of Senoia's goal is to provide AEDs to the Senoia PD in order to save lives of Senoia residents and countless visitors and tourists. By providing the department with 7 AEDs, they can assure that there are always two AEDs available per shift. Our club will work with Cardiac Science Corporation to purchase the AEDs and provide accessories and training to the Officers of the Senoia PD.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the #1 mortality risk in the Law Enforcement community. National survival rate averages are between 3-8%. Police Departments with accessible AEDs have seen survival rates climb to over 70%. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is NOT solely a fire/EMS responsibility - National fire/EMS response times are around 10-12 minutes. A sudden cardiac arrest victim has a 10 minute window for survival and any time past 5 minutes, brain functions are potentially comprised. At 8 minutes, the victims statistical chance for survival is only 20%. This is why having AEDs in law enforcement vehicles is critical to saving the lives of over 350,000 people annually that die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.